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Mafia War, Come Join Our Big Family with all online daily player !!

Posted by Mang Udung Gaya on 01 Januari 2009

How you doin? So you wanna be in da mob, bub? Well, ya came to da right place!

Mafia Wars is a Web 2.0 interactive game that has found a strong following on Facebook, Myspace, Tagged, Yahoo!, and even on the iPhone. In Mafia Wars, crime is king, more is more, and if someone rubs you the wrong way, you can just wack 'em!

It is at it's core a simple game, created by Zynga, Inc. and available on a number of platforms.

What you won't find here are claims of "Mafia Wars Secrets" or "Mafia Wars Cheat Codes" because there are plenty of those types of sites everywhere already. What this page is, is a place to meet other Mafia Wars players, to build your Mafia, and share your stories and experiences with like minded people.

Who hasn't heard of the Facebook Mafia War game? It has become a great hit, and one of the most popular games on Facebook around the world.

You can form a big family with your friends or other Facebook Mafia War players, the bigger your family gets, the more reputation your family will have and the more you will be able to do.

Of course the family needs weapons to defend themselves against other mobs. Things like grenade launchers, tommy guns,... At first the funds of a new mob are small, this is why it's important to focus on money in the beginning. You can earn this money by doing several different things.

1. Jobs and payouts (more energy, more jobs)

2. Investing in property (it's important you buy property with a low price and a decent return rate.)

It's difficult to find Facebook Mafia War Cheats to use on this game, but there is a book called 'Mafia War Secrets' that is of great use for those who want to expand their Mafia War Empire.



Thanks for reading & sharing Mang Udung Gaya

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