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Posted by Mang Udung Gaya on 19 Januari 2006

Qumana is for smart, experienced bloggers who want maximum freedom in their blogging life -- the freedom to post to multiple blogs and blog platforms, and the freedom to make money from advertising with no restrictions.

Better Editing Functions and Advertising Options
Qumana combines a state-of-the-art, easy-to-use offline blog editor with the keyword-based advertising available from leading ad networks.

Instant Tagging
Qumana, with its proprietary tagging and keyword tool, allows bloggers to indicate which keywords best describe the content of his or her post.

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Multiple Blog Feeds
Using Qumana, bloggers create information-rich content that flows seamlessly into RSS feeds, dramatically extending a post's reach into new audiences.

You work hard on your blogging. Qumana makes each post work harder and longer at making you money.

Bloggers become experienced surprisingly fast. After a few months, most bloggers begin get frustrated by the limitations of the tools that got them started in the first place. This makes sense: most of those tools are targeted at 'newbies' in the interest of creating the widest possible usage. That is good for the company that hosts your blog, but it might not be good for you.

As your blogging ability grows, you begin to notice that your newbie tool just isn't cutting it any more. Maybe it doesn't have spell check; maybe it has no WYSIWYG functionality; maybe you are fed up juggling multiple interfaces across multiple blogs; maybe you feel hemmed in by restrictive terms of service; maybe you want to control the ads on your blog instead of a machine algorithm being in control. Maybe you just want more freedom, period.
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