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193 files midi song for download with out lyrics...

Posted by Mang Udung Gaya on 18 Mei 2009

Mungkin agak susah mencari file-file midi untuk dimasukan ke dalam keyboard atau digunakan untuk bahan olahan membuat styles. Mamang akan memberikan beberapa link yang bisa digunakan untuk mendapatkan song midi lagu.

File-file ini umumnya bisa digunakan dengan keyboard yamaha psr s series, tidak menutup kemungkinan bisa juga digunakan untuk jenis keyboard lainnya.. misalnya casio stk 731, wk 1800, Roland E Series, tehnic KN series dan korg. Pada bagian ke dua file-file midi ini sudah dilengkapi dengan lirik. ok ? silahkan menikmati...

(2) JoeSatriani-Crystal planet[1].mid
4 pm-Sukiyaki.mid
Aaron Carter-I Want Candy.mid
Aerosmith-Janies Got A Gun.mid
Aerosmith-Walk This Way.mid
Alicia K-A Woman's Worth.mid
Alicia K-Falling2.mid
All The Thing She Said.mid
Anggun-Snow On Sahara.mid
Audioslave-Like A Stone.mid
Avril L-Anything But Ordinary.mid
Avril L-I'm With U.mid
Avril L-Losing Grip.mid
Avril L-Mobile.mid
Avril L-Nobodys Fool.mid
B Witched- Jesse Hold On.mid
B Witched-2 U I Belong.mid
Baha Men-Who Let The Dogs Out.mid
Black Eyed Peas-Where Is The Love.mid
Blessed union of souls - ibelieve.mid
Blind Melon-No Rain.mid
Bon Jovi-Bad Medicine.mid
Bon Jovi-Livin On Prayer.mid
Bon Jovi-Never Say Goodbye.mid
Bon Jovi-These Arms.MID
Bon Jovi-This Ain't A Love Song.mid
Bon Jovi-Wanted Dead.MID
Boys 2 Men-End Of The Road.MID
Boyz 2 Men-I'll Make Love To U.mid
Boyz 2 Men-One Sweet Day.mid
Brian Mc K-Back At One.mid
Britney S-Lucky.mid
Britney S-Stronger.mid
Britneys S-Everytime.mid
Cake-Never There.mid
Celine Dion-My Heart Will Go On.mid
Chantal-Leaving On A Jet Plane.MID
Cheeky Girls-Cheeky Song .mid
Christian B-The Way U Look At Me 2.MID
Christian B-The Way U Look At Me.S763.MID
Christina A-Beautiful.mid
Christina A-Come On Over Baby.mid
Christina A-Genie In A Bottle.mid
Christina A-Reflection2.mid
Coco Lee-A Love Before Time.MID
Coco Lee-Answer Me.mid
Coldplay-In My Place.mid
Craig David-Walking Away.mid
Crazy Town-Butterfly.mid
Crazy Town-Revolving Door.mid
Crowded House-Don't Dream It's Over.mid
Dave Matthews-Ants Marching.mid
Def Leppard-Love Bites.mid
Deftones-My Own Summer ShoveIt.mid
Destiny's C-Emotion.mid
Destiny's C-Jumpin Jumpin[1].mid
Dr Dre-The Next Episode.mid
Eagle Eye Cherry-SaveTonight.mid
Eiffel 65-Move Your Body .mid
Eminem-Cleanin Out My Closet.mid
Eminem-Guilty Conscience.mid
Eminem-The Way I'am.mid
Eminem-Without Me.mid
Enrique I-Bailamos.mid
Enrique I-Rhythm Divine.mid
Europe-Cry For U.MID
Evanescence-Going Under.mid
Evanescence-Taking Over Me.mid
Faithless -Insomnia.mid
Five For Fighting-Superman.mid
Foo Fighter-Monkey Wrench.mid
Garet G-Any One Of Us .mid
Gin Blossoms-Allison Road.mid
Gin Blossoms-Follow You Down.mid
Gin Blossoms-Till I Hear It From U.mid
Green Hill-Good Future Remix.mid
Greenday-Basket Case.mid
Gun&Roses-Don't Cry.mid
Gun&Roses-Knockin' On Heaven's Door.mid
Gun&Roses-Paradise City .mid
Gun&Roses-Sweet Child Of Mine.mid
Guns&Roses-Don't Cry.MID
Hole-Celebrity Skin.mid
I Need A Girl.mid
In A Rush.MID
Incubus-Pardon Me.mid
Inflames-Evil in the closet.MID
Iron Maiden-Acces High.mid
Jamboree-Naughty by Nature (131).mid
JoeSatriani-Crystal planet[1].mid
Josh G-You Raise Me Up .mid
Josh G-You Raise Me Up2.MID
Justin T-Cry Me A River.mid
Justin T-Like I Love You.mid
Keith M-Because Of U.MID
Kid Rock-American Bad Ass.mid
Kid Rock-Only God Knows Why.mid
Korn-Helmet In The Bush.mid
Korn-KickThe PA.mid
Korn-Kill You.mid
Kylie M-Locomotion.mid
Kylie M-Love At First Sight.mid
Las Ketchup-Asereje2.MID
Leann R-Can't Fight The Moonlights .mid
Lee R - Dolphin Dance.mid
Lee R feat Dave grusin -Early am.mid
Limpbizkit-My Generation.mid
Limpbizkit-Take A Look Around MI2.mid
Linkin Park-SomewhereI Belong2.mid
Linkin' Park-Faint.mid
Linkin' Park-My December.mid
Lit-My Own Worst Enemy.mid
Ludacris-Roll Out.mid
M.Carey N Boyz 2 Men-One Sweet Day.MID
Macy Gray-I Try.MID
Manowar-Kingdom Come.mid
Manson-Beautiful People.mid
Mariah Carey-My All.MID
Metallica-Hero Of The Day2.mid
Michelle Branch-All U Wanted.mid
Michelle Branch-Everywhere.mid
Missy Elliot-Get Your Freak On.mid
MLTR-Paint My Love.MID
MM-Sweet Dreams.mid
MMB-Impression That I Get.mid
Moloko-Sing It Back.mid
MR.Big-To Be With U.mid
Muse-Butterflies N Hurricane.MID
Nelly -Dilemma.mid
Nelly Furtado-Turn Off The Light.mid
No Doubt-Don't Speak.mid
No Doubt-Simple Kind Of Life.mid
No Doubt-Underneath At All.mid
Orgy-Blue Mondays.mid
Ozzy O-Mama I'm Coming Home.mid
Pantera-Cemetary Gates.mid
Papa Roach-Blood Brothers.mid
Papa Roach-Last Resort.mid
Papa Roach-She Loves Me Not.mid
Pearl Jam-Jeremy.mid
Pearl Jam-Last Kiss.mid
Pearl Jam-Last Kiss2.mid
Pink- Most Girls.mid
Prodigy Funky Shit.mid
Prodigy-One Man Army.mid
Prodigy-Smack My Bitch Up.mid
Puff D-I'll Be Missing You.mid
Puff Dady-Come With Me.mid
Radio Head-Creep_1.mid
RATM-Bullet In The Head.mid
RATM-Guerrilla Radio.mid
Ratm-Killing In The Name.mid
RATM-TakeThe Power Back.mid
RATM-The Ghost Of Tom Joad.mid
RATM-Year Of The Boomerang.mid
RHCP-By The Way.mid
RHCP-Give It Away.MID
Richard Marx-Right Here Waiting.mid
Robbie W-Come Undone.mid
Sasha - If U Believe.mid
Sean Paul-Get Busy.mid
Shania T-From This Moment.mid
Shania T-That Don't Impress Me Much.mid
Sheeter feat Amy Lee-Broken.MID
Simple Plan-Perfect.mid
Slipknot-Wait And Bleed.mid

Thanks for reading & sharing Mang Udung Gaya

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